SOUL Humanoid Robots


SOUL Humanoid Robots

Our Costomized humanoid robots are the most affordable and feature rich in the world; focused on improving education, assistance and  communicate with people in various spaces near you.

Roles & Use-cases

Your Educational Companions

Teaching assistants in schools, Can be assembled and programmed by students.

Your Analysts

Learn and understand data; analyse patterns and generate reports.

Your Companions

Understand your likes and dislikes; help you with your daily chores.

Your front Desk Assistants

Help you in various spaces such as banks, shopping malls, airports; help desks; answering and guiding you.

Your Entertainers

Can engage people asking various questions, can entertain kids with tricks and dances; conducts games on special occasions.

Your Health Care Assistants

Monitor heart rate, pulse; alert when patient is in distress.

Your Surveillance Assistants

Help you monitor zones that need special attention and monitoring on a regular basis. Also, alert the concerned in case of any turbulence.

Your Hosts

Can be MC in seminars, shows, events; Inaugurate and conduct.

Your Visitor Managers

Recognise people when known and remember them when they visit again.


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