Key Projects

Learning Recovery Plan (LRP)

Through the Learning Recovery Plan (LRP) in the state of Odisha, we are working to bridge the educational gap caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This project is assisting in addressing the learning loss experienced by children by offering a bridge course. The course is designed to help students catch up on the core subjects they may have missed over the last two years, facilitating their academic recovery.

Custom ERP Implementation at KIIT & KISS

Implemented a web-based solution for Streamlining the Student Life Cycle Management (SLCM), Accounts, HR, and Payroll processes at KIIT and KISS. Faced challenges such as ensuring real-time data accuracy, preventing unauthorized access, and addressing the lack of centralized data. The solution involved the implementation of a web-based ERP system, eliminating data duplicacy and allowing master data entry for universal use across transactions. Role-based user access was established, restricting users to specific forms and records. The system also incorporates notifications for all transactions, integrates a payment gateway, and offers comprehensive report generation with customizable criteria for different users.

Workflow-based Invoice Tracking System of KIMS

This project aimed to reduce the time required for note-sheet creation and accelerate vendor payments. The challenges included delayed payments due to multiple approval stages, the need for system customization, and the shift from manual to digital processes. Solutions were implemented to address these challenges, including real-time note-sheet tracking through workflows with multiple user approvals at different stages. The system allows rejection and transfer of note-sheets for verification, incorporates email notifications for transactions, enables assignment of alternate employees for approval in case of absence, and offers powerful and customizable reports for various processes.

Digital Empowering State of Bihar

Implemented Smart Infrastructure in a total of 1232 schools, 2,464 Smart classrooms present in 17 districts across Bihar State, India, focusing on challenges like smart classroom implementation, digitalization of classes, student motivation, and infrastructural issues. The solution enhances the learning experience through interactive learning, provides easy access to online resources, saves time with technology, and promotes eco-friendly practices. The initiative aims to motivate students effectively, addressing issues of lack of motivation. The overall goal is to improve visibility through a comprehensive view of resource performance, leading to increased efficiency.



WANI framework, envisioned by Government of India, will enable last mile broadband connectivity, where the consumer accesses broadband services, will be through a network of public Wi-Fi access points. The backhaul requirement for these Wi-Fi access points will be met by procuring internet bandwidth from the telecom service providers/internet service providers. Under the distributed architecture and unbundling of functions, the WANI eco-system will be operated by different players such as app provider and Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA)

SOUL Ltd. is marked as the first to register as PDOA and app provider in the state of Odisha



SOUL Ltd. in collaboration with various IT companies is working in designing and implementation of ERP ‘EDULEAD’ in Educational Institutes like KISS.

EDULEAD provides customized solution for all the processes in a University, including – Pre-Admission Management, Admission Management, Student Management, Fee and Billing management , Course Management, Examination Management, Reporting, Human Resource Management, Finance and Accounting System, Infrastructure Management, Stock and Stores Inventory Management, Training and Placement, Library Management, Campus Management and Enquiry Management

Smart Campus

Sustainable Smart Campus

SOUL Ltd. has been working in collaboration with various IT companies for implementation of Smart Campus for Universities and Education Institutions like KIIT & KISS

Key features of Smart Campus include – smart rooms, energy management and monitoring, smart attendance, asset management, paperless file management, automatic campus guidance, campus security management, geo-fencing, crowd monitoring and management, student / faculty / staff transport vehicle tracking with GPS, digital notice boards, water and other utility management etc.


Baseline Survey for Promotion of Agriculture Production Cluster

SOUL Ltd. in association with the KIIT Deemed to be University, is assisting the Deputy Director of Horticulture, Sundargarh and the Deputy Director of Horticulture, Angul, in conducting a baseline survey

The surveys are designed to capture information on demographic, social, economic and farming related parameters pertaining to the farmers in several blocks of two districts of Odisha, India

The surveys would cover approximately 15000 respondents for both the projects

The output of the survey shall be used to develop appropriate strategies for furthering the farming activities in selected regions, through establishment and sustained operation of the agriculture production clusters (APCs)

A Detailed Assessment of Institutional and Regulatory arrangements for Water & Waste Water Service delivery in Kathmandu Valley

SOUL is partnering with a Big4 Advisory Firm to support an International Donor Agency (IDA) and the Government of Nepal for “A Detailed Assessment of Institutional and Regulatory arrangements for Water & Waste Water Service delivery in Kathmandu Valley”. SOUL is providing support in the areas of human resources and capacity building work streams of the assignment. The scope of this assignment entails carrying out deep dive institutional assessment of the service providers and the supporting entities in the value chain. The study involves detailed field visits and interaction with each of the entities, data collection, evaluation of processes for recommending specific measures for overall improvement of Institutional Governance, Organisational Structure and functioning. The objective of the assignment is to find a tangible and implementable solution within definitive timelines. The outcome of this project is expected to finalise the operating model and define the road map of implementation of these reforms.

Project completion report for an International Development Agency for one of its projects for the power sector in an eastern Indian state.

SOUL Limited is working with an International Development Agency (IDA) for preparation of a Project Completion Report (PCR) which also includes financial and economic analysis of the project support provided by the IDA to a state in eastern India for development of its power sector. The objective of the PCR was to analyse the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the outcomes resulting from the financial support and the benefits realized by the citizens of the state. The project was launched in 2010 and was the first ever IDA funded project in power sector in the state. The funds provided by the IDA were utilised to develop the transmission and distribution infrastructure in the state as well as to develop the institutional capabilities of the transmission and distribution utilities.


Soul Humanoid Robots

Our Costomized humanoid robots are the most affordable and feature rich in the world; focused on improving education, assistance and  communicate with people in various spaces near you.